Art on board

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We work with Crown gallery, a long established art house in New York. We help to source high-end pieces with the assistance of experts.

For those with a view to emerging talents we also promote young up-and-coming artists. We are currently supporting two young artists Vassilis Antonakos and Caroline Rovithi each of whose appeal at an international level is now taking off.  A selection of their pieces are displayed below.  For more information please feel free to contact us.

For art that you would like to incorporate on board we can advise as to its suitability for a marine environment, appropriate protection, installation and insurance.

NFT Community

At Entropia we actively support NFTs for on-board art.  “Digital art on board represents one of the most obvious and convenient use-cases for NFT technology” says Dr. Kyriazis. 

The marine environment and consequential exposure to varying levels of light and humidity can jeopardize physical art.  NFTs side-step all these issues while at the same time allowing owners to exhibit their unique possessions in a digital format.”

Entropia supports owners who need assistance effecting NFT sales and purchases as well as artists who are keen to explore this new medium for exhibitions and sales.

To date, the Entropia team has contributed towards the sale and purchase (via Maker’s Place) of multiple NFTs.  

As more platforms develop and tokenised art increases in popularity we expect NFTs to become more mainstream on board superyachts. 

Please contact us for more information or assistance.


Antonakos Vassilis

Caroline Rovithi