Sale & Purchase

We have access to a market of yachts stretching worldwide so finding suitable options for our clients has never been easier. Once a selection has been made we can assist the buyer to find a surveyor for the yacht, tender or sub who specialises in that build material and size range.

We excel at the “tricky stuff” including contractual negotiations, VAT, flag requirements, commercial use and insurance. If required we also help with the onward transportation of the yacht to the buyer’s preferred cruising ground.

Below is a selection of yachts, tenders and toys currently available for sale. It is just a taster. We can find anything that is on (and sometimes off) the market. Let us know what you are after and we will come back with options that meet your criteria. If you are looking for an eco-yacht please click here.



Motor ≤25m

Motor ≥25m

Tenders & Toys