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At Entropia we recognise that having a choice is a good thing – which is why we share our research directly with our clients – the prospective owners of hybrid yachts.  When it comes to shipyards already producing hybrid or eco-drive yachts or designers whose concepts simply await a willing buyer and a tender process the choice may be bewildering.  We aim to cut through any confusion in this selection process.  Behind the words on these pages are hours of detailed research and discussions as to the relevant yards capabilities coupled with visits to the yards to see their facilities and their products for ourselves.   

It is the owners who are driving forward the production of more environmentally friendly boats.  Increasingly, these owners are demanding propulsion and onboard “hotel” systems that burn less or no fuel but which offer the same or higher standards of comfort and versatility – and the designers and shipyards have risen to that challenge. The law is catching up – and when it does these forward thinking yacht owners will already be compliant.

Below we focus on the builders and designers making strides in achieving the eco-friendly goals of their clients.  [read more=’Read more’ less=’Read less’] 

Numerous yards and designers including many “big names” in the industry are not listed.  On the one hand not every builder or designer’s environmental credentials have yet come to our attention.  On the other, many prospective purchasers are not yet demanding eco-friendly solutions from the yards.  The lag in demand exists because many clients are unaware of the range of eco-friendly options already available on the market.  Other potential purchasers are watching and waiting as the market develops so as not to find themselves behind the curve when something new(er) hits the market.  Also, hybrid and other energy efficient propulsion and hotel systems tend to be more costly at the outset and even if that cost is more than compensated for over time this can be a turn-off.  That said, it is clear that the yacht industry is heading in the direction of sustainability and this transformation is coming at us fast.  Soon polluting systems on board yachts will either be considered unacceptable or legislation will limit their scope of operation. While there are multiple persuasive arguments to counter the naysayers and push the eco route that is not our aim.  Instead we offer an evolving platform for prospective owners to investigate together with us their options for a cleaner sailing experience.

We welcome all justifiable requests for inclusion and as we accumulate more detailed data we will be able to give our clients a clearer picture of the yards and designers with prior experience in a given area of innovation, from solar to hybrid, LPG and electric. 


For every eco yacht that we broker we donate 10% of our net proceeds to one of the foundations that you see listedhere”.


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