ECO – Charter

Entropia specialises in the charter of eco friendly sailing and motor yachts.  The deep satisfaction derived from the charter of megayachts with green credentials, for example Perini Navi’s GRACE E or Feadship’s SAVANNAH comes from being able to dive off the stern and find no trace of fuel residue or smoke.  Clients also delight in these yachts silent operation and lack of vibration.  The kicker of course is that you are not just participating but literally driving leading edge clean technology. Another big plus is that many eco-oriented Superyacht owners enjoy the path less travelled and offer their yachts for charter in zones and latitudes that are well off the beaten track – from Antarctica to Papua New Guinea.

Another advantage to hybrid, solar and other energy efficient yachts on the charter market is that part of the charter cost which includes bunkering or fuelling the yacht, the so-called APA (advance provisioning cost) is going to be less, in some cases considerably less.

For every eco yacht that we broker we donate 10% of our net proceeds to one of the foundations that you see listedhere”.


ECO – Sailing

ECO – Motor ≤ 25m

ECO – Motor ≥25m