ECO – Suppliers

Consider Eco Suppliers as your marine database for green alternatives to the current offering for your yacht and marina requirements.  To keep up with requests we are aggressively growing this section of our site.  From interior outfitters to decking specialists and provisioning Entropia brings you into touch with the cutting edge of green.






Using easily recycled aluminium cans instead of plastic water bottles.



Paper Water bottle

Another alternative to plastic water bottles, this time the container itself is biodegradable.





Edible food wrappings!  By using seaweed as a food wrapper alternative to plastic Evo addresses two seemingly intractable issues, poorly paid seaweed farmers now receive a fair wage while we can enjoy either eating or disposing of biodegradable food wrappings.  Pure genius!



Ocean Hugger Foods

When James Corwell, a US certified Master Chef, visited the fish market in Tokyo he found enough tuna to fill warehouses the size of two football fields. With a volume of 2,000 tons of tuna sold every single day, he questioned how the oceans could keep up with such demand.  He was inspired to start developing sustainable alternatives to fish and his efforts gave birth to Ahimi™, a plant-based alternative to raw ahi tuna that’s made from tomatoes!. 

Contrary to what one might expect from a tomato-based product, Ahimi does not taste like tomatoes—nor does it have an artificial imitation-fish flavor.  Ahimi has a flavour and texture similar to sushi-grade tuna.  It is reported to taste just like fresh tuna and blend perfectly with other sushi ingredients (avocado, cucumber, seaweed, rice), as well as soy sauce and wasabi.

The benefits of consuming this plant based tuna include saving our oceans from being permanently depleted of tuna stocks; avoiding the consumption of mercury and heavy metals; eliminating the risk of acquiring parasites contained in most raw fish; and enjoying the health benefits of consuming Ahimi’s principal ingredient–the tomato, which is a nutrient-dense vegetable that helps protect against cancer, maintain healthy blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and deliver a range of other benefits that support healthful skin, heart health, weight loss, and eye health.



Interior Outfitting 


Nature Squared

Nature Squared is a company focused on luxury brands and interiors while at the same time focusing on solutions to problems endemic in developing countries.   Its interiors division is divided into aviation, marine and residential/retail. In each division both environmental and fair trade considerations are put into practise “trade not aid”.  In the “marine” division Nature Squared works with Winch Design and other design houses re-cycling marine by-product such as seashells to create exquisite yacht interiors for world famous superyachts.






In defiance of endless deforestation Esthec builds decking for cruise ships, superyachts and poolsides from synthetic materials of which at least 25% are recycled.  Esthec has all the outward features of wood – without the wood or the splinters or the maintenance.



Teakdecking Systems

This company is well known for honouring its environmental responsibilities.  Its various species of teak come from managed SE Asian forests with fifty plus year felling cycles and unlike numerous competing operations which employ mechanical equipment clearing roads through otherwise untouched forests Teakdecking Systems employs elephants – yes, elephants….  In this way they are able to remove teak logs without damaging new growths.



Waste Management


Tony Team

The MARPOL Annex V rules govern the disposal of garbage from ships and yachts. This includes all kinds of food, domestic and operational waste, all plastics, cargo residues, incinerator ashes, cooking oil, fishing gear etc. Garbage builds up quickly and occupies a lot of precious space on board and this is where Tony Team comes in.  This company sells waste compacters which can they claim reduce the waste to 16% of its original size.



Marina and Port pollution prevention


The Seabin

Two young surfers from Perth, Australia invented then perfected a natural cheap re-cycleable garbage collection unit for calm enclosed waters – it is perfectly suited to enclosed bays, marinas and ports.