ECO – Foundations

Here we list the organisations that we support with a brief summary of their goals and direct links to their sites.  They do not comprise an exhaustive list and will develop organically over time.




Norwegian billionaire Kjell Roekke – ex. fisherman and largest stakeholder of AKER (shipping and offshore drilling) is currently building a 180 metre research expedition vessel (REV).

Two meters longer than AZZAM, REV will be the world’s largest yacht when completed in 2020. She will carry a crew of 30 with space for up to 60 scientific staff and multiple laboratories.  She was designed by Espen Oeino and is being built by Vard Brattvaag Shipyard in Norway.  REV will be operated by the WWF conducting scientific experiments worldwide, collecting plastic and offsetting part of the running costs with income from adventure charter.



 The Ocean Clean-Up

Boyan Slat is the CEO of The Ocean Clean-Up, an initiative that he first conceived when in his teens and which is now becoming a reality.  The below short video explains how Boyan anticipates cleaning 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (situated between Hawaii and California) within just five years of first boom deployment – commencing ahead of schedule in the first half of 2018.  The second link is to their webpage.





The Plastic Pollution Coalition


The Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of individuals and corporations working towards a plastic free world.  Sponsors/participants include the Cousteau family, Jeff Bridges, Rosanna Arquette and other celebrities.  Their website provides details on companies and individuals producing eco-friendly alternatives to everyday plastics.  A number of these alternative solutions are also featured on the Entropia site.




The Blue Marine Foundation or “Blue”

Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) exists to restore healthy oceans. Its focus is combatting overfishing by creating marine reserves, establishing new models of sustainable fishing and restoring marine habitats. BLUE’s aim is to see at least 10% of ocean under protection by 2020 with a long-term aim of 30% protected.




The Ellen Macarthur Foundation

The aim of the Ellen Macarthur Foundation is to accelerate transition to a circular economy.  A circular economy is one where the everyday goods and products we use are not disposed of at the end of their life cycles but instead re-generated.  The concept is to mimic nature’s own circular model.




Schmidt Marine Technology Partners

Supporting the development of ocean technologies with conservation and research applications Schmidt Marine Technology Partners describes their work as “venture philanthropy”. It is intended to fill the gap in support available for the development of eco-friendly ocean technologies.  Their current focus is on ocean sensors, coral reef health, reducing marine plastic pollution, advancing ocean research and finding innovative ways to address illegal fishing.




Think Beyond Plastic

In a joint effort with the UN Environment department Think Beyond Plastic has launched a Marine Plastics Innovation Challenge to promote university students to help solve the global marine garbage problem. ​ Think Beyond Plastic has broken up the challenge into four categories.  Students choose a category and with the support of a faculty member post their entry.  Detailed instructions can be found online.




Blue Planet Society

Blue Planet Society is a self-funded volunteer organisation. It is campaigning to end overfishing and the over-exploitation of the world’s ocean. It covers the essential ocean news with clear factual articles raising awareness and calling for solutions.