ECO-Carbon Offset


Freeing up your floating footprint

At the super yacht end of the size scale fuel consumption and resulting pollution looms large.  Many yachts in excess of 25 metres guzzle in excess of 1,000 litres (approx 250 gallons) of marine diesel per hour.  This is the equivalent to releasing over three tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere during every hour of service.  And for the larger, older or faster non-hybrid yachts that figure is way too conservative.

Some yacht owners choose to purchase carbon credits to offset their floating footprint – and it is a smart way to compensate.  When you buy carbon credits you fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as renewable power projects  The projects are diverse and while the central aim is to achieve that reduction there are plenty of inter-related benefits.  These include soil conservation, re-forestation, water management and education to name just a few.  It’s a straight-forward process with an audited trail so you can be sure that your funds are going where you intend.

Carbon offsetting is not expensive.  For some perspective consider that the cost of offsetting 100,000 litres of diesel fuel would amount to only Euro 2,500.  At Entropia we currently work with two carbon offset organisations.  Feel free to contact either directly or to go through us.  These organisations can visit and inspect the yacht and draw up a program of credits with the owner or simply work off numbers produced by your captain and engineer.