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Entropia specialises in the rapidly developing world of energy efficient yachts. We invite you to explore this section of our website where we share our research and experience of the eco hybrid yacht sector. Knowledge is power and this sharing exercise is aimed at empowering our clients to make informed decisions. It provides a jump-start in the search for the right eco boat to match both outlook and pocket. We look forward to assisting you find the perfect fit.[read more=’Read more’ less=’Read less’] 

Entropia is a mathematical measure of the process from order to disorder or chaos.  For those who spend time in and on the water an element of chaos in the natural order is evident in the shape of pollution, usually plastic.  We come across plastic in some form or other almost every time we enter the sea or go to the beach.   Just a day-sail anywhere in the Mediterranean without encountering plastic is a tough call and finding a garbage free beach is all but impossible.

Motor yacht emissions in the form of greenhouse gases (GHGs) are less obvious but no less harmful. Scientists are increasingly concerned about the repercussions of both marine and atmospheric pollution for our planet and our health.  We have seen an eco revolution in the car industry and that same revolution is now coming to the maritime industry.  It is being driven from above in the shape of increasingly strict regulations out of the IMO (MARPOL Annex VI, Ch 4 – energy efficiency regulations being the most recent example).  More reassuringly the clamour for change is coming from within as yacht designers, engineers and builders scramble to cater to yacht purchasers’ increasing demands for yachts that pollute less – or not at all. 

The shift to eco-friendly yachts is timely since it is widely anticipated that emissions regulations will tighten significantly and soon.  Please take some time to explore.  If you are a business involved in the eco-friendly yacht space and you are not already listed here please get in touch and tell us what you do.  As we grow our offering and our knowledge-base so too our customer base grows and matures.  Onwards – into the blue!


For every eco yacht that we broker we donate 10% of our net proceeds to one of the foundations that you see listedhere”.


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