Entropia token (ENT) is designed to:

  • Fuel smart contracts in the yacht industry for yacht charter, sales, provisioning and more;
  • Support a hub and payment rail for NFT artists; and
  • Serve the marine environment by investing in ocean clean-up technology delivered via ENT, decided by consensus, confirmed by blockchain.

Entropia is a full service yacht brokerage established in the Principality of Monaco. Entropia’s activities include the sale, purchase and charter of new and pre-loved yachts with an emphasis on eco-friendly yachts and water-sports accessories.

In 2014 Entropia became the first yacht brokerage house to allow for payment in a range of cryptocurrencies. Entropia is now pioneering the use of its own ERC–20 token, ENTROPIA (ENT).

ENT provides its users with the advantage of speed over legacy payment systems. As more smart contracts take root in international trade they will also come to dominate within the maritime sector. ENT is designed to capitalize on the efficiencies of trustless smart contracts and the use of digital currencies.  In line with Entropia’s emphasis on environmental protection and clean seas ENT’s intended use includes the funding of environmental programs focused on marine and coastal areas.   Relevant programs will be decided by ENT holders.

Dr.Panagiotis Kyriazis (CEO of Entropia) is a mathematics/logistics thought leader and lectures at the Universities of Monaco and Athens. He expects a shake-up in the yacht industry describing it as inevitable and long overdue. “Technological leaps in yacht design and construction are there for all to see but the services industry has been left behind.  This will be achieved via smart contracts” says Dr.Kyriazis “But first we’ll need to find a solution for clients to buy NFTs and display them on board their yachts”!  Enter ENT.




Entropia is a yacht brokerage house with headquarters in Monaco. Established in 2012 Entropia specializes in the sale, purchase and charter of motor and sailing yachts with an emphasis on protecting our oceans. Entropia focuses on yacht designs and propulsion/energy storage systems that minimize pollution so that our children and their children can enjoy clean and bountiful seas.

With the acceleration of technological innovation of the last 30 years a revolution in eco-friendly technology is making its way into the boating sector.  Hydrodynamics using computer modelling have improved hull efficiencies and great strides have been made in developing renewable propulsion systems.  Many of the yachts built today incorporate renewable energy components converting wind, solar, hydro and other natural resources into energy for everyday usage or storage.

This pattern of innovation repeats throughout the world of yacht design and construction but such is the extent of pollution and overfishing that cleaner yachts are not enough.  Radical steps are required to reverse decades of maritime pollution.  Entropia’s ERC-20 token (ENT) provides access to smart contracts for the yacht industry and support for NFT digital art.  Entropia is developing a blockchain solution to finance effective ocean and coastal clean-ups.  Token holders will determine which conservation or regeneration programs are selected.    Over time ENT tokens will become synonymous with respect for our coasts and oceans and token holders will derive benefits from ENT participating corporations.

Entropia was founded by Dr.Panagiotis Kyriazis. He is a University lecturer in Athens and Monaco and a serial entrepreneur with interests and businesses spanning transport by road, logistics, yachting, blockchain technology and more. 

Dr Kyriazis and his associates are passionate about using technology to develop efficiencies. The Entropia token “ENT” was conceived to cater to the NFT market for on-board art, to develop smart contracts in the yachting space and to power an environmental revolution where ENT token holders together determine the best projects to most effectively support our oceans globally.