Glacier Yachts

In 2023 Entropia and Glacier Yachts began their collaboration.  Glacier yachts are extremely well thought out and beautifully finished.  We’re delighted to join forces with the Glacier team and be a part of this exciting journey.
Glacier Yachts began in 2017 when famous Dutch designer Guido de Groot, Dutch Naval Architects Menno van Dijk and the Shipyard joined forces to create something larger than the sum of its parts. 
Their broad experience and creative blending styles has led to these super strong aluminium builds with safety, ride comfort and reliability central to the mission.  In addition to their strength, Glacier Yachts are graceful, contemporary, ergonomic and in touch with the water.
This alliance between Shipyard, Engineers and Designers is now delivering motor yachts with great performance, uncompromising safety and outstanding design. 
Glacier Yachts provide a two year warranty on all newbuilds (double the one year industry standard) demonstrating the shipyard’s emphasis on build quality and reliability.
The world premiere of Glacier Yachts took place in 2021 at the Cannes Yachting Festival & Monaco Yacht Show where the flagman model G-48 was showcased, catching unparalleled attention and recognition from the media, visitors, and industry professionals. 

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