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Super Yacht Sub 3

Compact and luxurious private submarines especially designed to fit aboard Superyachts. The Super Yacht Sub series opens the world beneath the waves to yacht owners. The Super Yacht Sub 3 offers best-in-class performance and fits easily on most superyachts.

Versatile, smart and capable with a design that will satisfy the highest expectations of discerning superyacht owners. This submarine is aimed at the yacht markets where an ever-growing number of seaboard owners are discovering the world below the waterline. This compact and lightweight model delivers both performance and luxury.

Price upon request.



  • Depth: 100/200/300 meters
  • Occupants: 1 pilot,2 passengers
  • Endurance: 12 hours
  • Speed: 3 knots
  • Weight: 3.800 kg 
  • Length: 244 cm
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Battery capacity: 21 KWh
  • Propulsion: 2×5.5kW+2×6.4kW


  • Lithium-ion battery technology
  • Freeboard extender
  • Manta controller
  • Marlin controller
  • Auto-depth
  • Auto-heading
  • UIS
  • Omni-directional operation
  • Container fit
  • Single lifting point


  • Maximum depth protection
  • Deadman’s switch
  • Drop weight
  • Safety buoy
  • Pinger
  • Dnv GL certification


  • Robotic Manipulators Arms 5
  • Underwater HD Video Systems
  • Fly-Out Mini ROV System with HD Camera, Cutter, and Grabber
  • 360 Degree Underwater HD Camera System