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Neyk Pleasure

The Neyk Pleasure Submarine is the most manoeuvrable submarine in the world and it has an ultramodern teardrop-shaped design. Even the superstructure merges fluently into a teardrop shape and is as smooth and slender as possible. Neyk Pleasure is modularly designed and available in either a 2, 4 or 6 passenger configuration. NEYK 6B Pleasure Submarine has been built in a very slender way by using a single-walled-hull. By putting diving-tanks at the front and back a very Smoot hull has been developed.

Two powerful nearly noiseless electric motors have been suspended on either side of the submarine. When the engines run in opposite directions the underwater craft can turn on its axle within a few seconds. Because the engines are forward of the diving rudders the submarine can dive very fast. Is designed for launch and recovery from a large yacht is available in one or two seats configuration. The captain and passen­ger sit in the pressurised craft in the same way that a pilot and co-pilot would fly a two-seater one behind the other. The dual person, 6m (20ft) long 6B can reach depths of 100m (300ft) and can stay under water for up to eight hours.

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  •  Shipping Registry: 300 meters
  • Occupants: 1 pilot, 6 passengers
  • Endurance: 96 hours
  • Speed: 7 knots
  • Displacement submerged: 2.325 Tons 
  • Length: 6,00 m
  • Width: 2,2 m
  • Height: 1,69 m
  • Battery capacity: 48 KWh
  • Charging Time: 1 Hours


  • Battery blocks in parallel: 24 Volts
  • Type of batteries: Lithium
  • Weight of batteries: 600 KG
  • Soft ballast. tank cap: 2×200=400KG
  • Compressed air capacity: 6x10Ltr,300Bar
  • Oxygen:2x10Lt,300Bar


  • Mission life support: 96 hrs for 2 pass.
  • Emergency life support:96hrs for 2 pass
  • C02 Absorbent: M.P Sofonline
  • Auxiliary battery:24 Volt;KWt
  • Emergency battery:24 Volt;KWt


  • Propulsion control system 
  • Integrated control and monitoring systems for submarines 
  • Steering control systems for submarines 
  • Battery charging equipment 
  • Rudder-roll control systems 
  • Electro-optic multi-functional periscope and a distributed display system 
  • E.C.S. Environmental Control System 
  • Multi-functional electronic scanning sonar system 
  • Hydraulically operated pan and tilt units for cameras, – searchlights, antennae and sonar system.