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Norwegian billionaire Kjell Roekke – ex. fisherman and largest stakeholder of AKER (shipping and offshore drilling) is currently building a 180 metre research expedition vessel (REV).

Two meters longer than AZZAM, REV will be the world’s largest yacht when completed in 2020. She will carry a crew of 30 with space for up to 60 scientific staff and multiple laboratories.  She was designed by Espen Oeino and is being built by Vard Brattvaag Shipyard in Norway.  REV will be operated by the WWF conducting scientific experiments worldwide, collecting plastic and offsetting part of the running costs with income from adventure charter.

The ship will carry equipment capable of conducting environmental monitoring both in the oceans (up to 20,000 ft. deep) and the atmosphere. It will also be capable of collecting and safely melting up to 5 tonnes of plastic per day.