Jet Skis

Jets skis (or wave runners) are now built by only a handful of big names.  A number of manufacturers (including Honda) have dropped away leaving the big three, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo and Yamaha as well as the unique Belassi Burrasca.  Their respective websites are listed below. 

Some of the variables you might like to consider include power, price, capacity for three, cruise control, storage bins, tilt steering, electronic suspension and an adjustable seating position.




The 333 HP Belassi Burrasca touts unrivalled agility and rideability – and a correspondingly lavish USD 37,000 price tag.





Kawasaki currently offers seven models with starting prices from USD 9,700 – USD 18,000.





Sea-Doo (from Bombardier) have five models to choose from with starting prices ranging from USD 5,400 to USD 12,100.  Helpful website features to assist with your selection.





Yamaha call their craft wave-runners.  Enormous selection of sixteen models and price range from USD 6,700 – USD 16,900.